About Me

Gayle Landau qualified with a BSc (Medical Honours) in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Cape Town in 1998. She has clinical and hospital experience working with adults.

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My Services

I apply the principles of mindful- intuitive eating when I counsel and have developed the Restore ME mindful eating programme which is suitable for individual and group counselling sessions. I am passionate about nutrition and the positive role it can play in optimizing health and wellness.

Intuitive Eating


Digestive Health

Nutrition Support

Group programmes

Professional talks

“Achieve your health goals with holistic wellness”

Rates & Consultations

My practice is contracted out of medical aid. Payment is required on the day of consultation. You will be provided with an invoice that complies with medical aid guidelines should you wish to claim back. Group progammes are often more cost effective than equivalent individual consultations. 


• RESTORE ME   I have learned to listen to my hunger. I enjoy any “illegal” snacks to the utmost, savouring each bite and eating it slowly. I only eat when I am hungry
• Restore Me   I feel less stressed about eating
• Restore Me  the programme made me more aware, sometimes of how I approach food, how I eat, when and why. I recognise that this is a process – a long process
• Restore Me  the thing I liked most about the programme was a focus on skills and understanding of eating habits e.g emotional eating, savouring food. Presenter’s warmth, sincerity and strong desire to help participants.