My practice is contracted out of medical aid and I require payment on the day of consultation. Invoices are prepared to comply with medical aid guidelines . I am approved and registered with all major medical schemes. It is the responsibility of the client to check their own benefits and to submit their own accounts for reimbursement. The first consultation is 1 hour long and follow up visits range from 30 min to 1 hour depending on the need. Restore ME and EATFIT for IBS group programmes are more cost effective but these courses are also offered as individual consultations.

Initial consultation

On referral, an initial 1 hour consultation will be booked for you.  Your consultation will involve a full assessment followed by a treatment plan. You may request an Individual Skype consultation should it be more convenient for you.

Second consultation

This consultation is generally 30 minutes long and will be scheduled 1 – 2 weeks after your initial visit. The purpose of this visit is to review your symptoms and progress.

Group Programmes

Research has shown that is a very effective method of dietary therapy.  Peer support and cost effectiveness are the top reasons why people may choose a group programme. 

EATFIT for IBS digestive health programmes (

This 16 week programme is based on the LOW FODMAP protocols , which has been proven to be highly effective in reducing irritable bowel symptoms. The programme explains the process, offering comprehensive guidelines on how to exclude FODMAP foods and then supports patients with the reintroduction stage. Finally allowing patients to truly understand their food triggers.  Digestive health programmes are run in association with EATFITSA.  (

RESTORE ME mindful eating programme

This 8 Week programme is primarily based on INTUITIVE EATING ( but also incorporates other non- diet approach resources.  The programme is designed to help you restore a positive relationship with food and your body and incorporates gentle nutrition principles.


My practice is contracted out of medical aid. Payment is required on the day of consultation. You will be provided with an invoice that complies with medical aid guidelines should you wish to claim back. Group progammes are often more cost effective than equivalent individual consultations. 

 It is the responsibility of the client to know their medical aid benefits and to submit to medical aid for reimbursement.  Please contact me if you have may questions about rates.